Prophetic Tabernacle International Ministries Inc.

Welcome To The Prophetic Tabernacle International Ministries Inc. Blog/ Web Page. We’re Excited About Where The Lord Is Carrying Us in This Up Coming Year Of 2018! Defiantly Moving Forward And Experiencing The Glory Of God! Please Feel Free To Get Familiar With Our Vision And Mission. We’re Looking Forward To Hearing From You. God Bless!




Sunday, January 14, 2018 Was Relaunching for Prophetic Tabernacle International Ministries Inc. Disappointed I must say. But not as disappointed as God is when we let Him down. I guess Surprised is more appropriate. I remind you today, be like David. He Encourage Himself in the Lord. Even in the hardest battle, he went to Worship & Encouraged Himself. Don’t get caught up on people saying they’re with you. Just do the work of the Lord & whoever is meant will be drawn by His Glory not your own. Amen!


New Year’s Night…

Get ready to Step Into 2018 with Us! Prophetic Tabernacle International Ministries is being Covered by Vision Ministries. Under the Apostolic & Prophetic Leadership of Apostle Chester & Prophetess Joanne Miller, in Greenwood SC. Come Celebrate with us as we Embark & Embrace Upon This New Place & Much Greatness. Meet my Spiritual Parents:

In The Secret Place…

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.
Psalms 27:5 KJV

Step Out On Faith!

The moment you realize where you are going is not about you, then you can operate in Complete Abundance! Stepping out on Faith is a Challenge for everyone who has to do it. Close your Eyes, open your Heart, use your Vision. Without doing these things, you can’t see! If you keep your Eyes open then your Blind. Stepping out on Faith requires the natural man to be in question while the Spirit man is retaining Answers! Trust the Lord as He leads you into a Blind place. This New Place of Increase and Overflow!

Without Faith it’s impossible to please Him. Step out and please Him… Amen!

God Bless

Apostolic Transfer

The Time Has Come, Not Only In One’s Self. But In The Body Of Christ. We Must Know Where Our Next Pouring Out Of The Oil Is Coming From. We Must Understand In This Next And Strategic Move Of God, We Must Know How Important This Next Transfer Is! Our Circle Must Become Smaller And Tighter In Order To Receive The Complete Abundance Of God In This Season! I Say To You Today. Whoever Maybe Reading, Get In Position For Your Apostolic Transfer! Don’t Miss It! And Don’t Allow People To Make You Miss It! You Are Chosen For This! Don’t Forget It!